This bill’s purpose is to create a single waterpark in each state of Vindex Nation for recreational purposes.

Article I:
The governor of each state is in charge of selecting a location for the waterpark in his/her state, and he/she has the final say in how or with what the waterpark is to be built.

Article II:
$5000 is to be given to the governor of each state that may be used to purchase materials and/or hire builders for the waterpark. Any money left over is to be returned to the government to pay government workers.

Article III:
No waterpark is permitted to have the following: Diving boards over twenty meters high, exceed Y100 (The current lowest flight height), cover more than 1 square kilometer of land, or be used for residential or commercial purposes.

Article IV:
The governor of each state sets the rules for the waterpark. If the governor desires he/she may hire someone to manage the waterpark and enforce the rules of the park.

Written by ChampionTheIV on 9/21/2017.