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Need a shop region?

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As a lot of people already know, I now the owner of CollinCoj. The region has bedrock perms and 2 above ground stories (excluding the open roof). I currently have my (hundred)Dollar Store on the main floor, but am looking for store owners who are in need of a new region. I will be renting out basement floors for 12k per 7 days, and one above ground floor for 15 per 7 days. The roof can be rented for parties, date night, or just to have for the day. The roof is only being rented out for 24 hours, for 1k, no build perms, but private rooftop access. The basement floors can be used as the following:
1. Stores (that do not sell the same items as mine, to avoid competition)
2. A warehouse/storage area for your shop/restaurant
3. A restaurant that does not compete with my food prices, (That being said, a bar would better suit the floor)
4. A clothing or shoe store.
Any other ideas? Feel free to reply or contact me via discord. Taylor71503#8113

NOTICE: This region will not be sold for under $3 million. This high price is to keep the region in my hands, keeping offers away, because nobody will offer $3 million. Thank you for reading, contact me directly ingame or on discord if you have any questions.
Posted Apr 14, 18 · OP
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I bet minehabbit wouldn’t have kidnapped you if you had that then.
I was VIA
Posted Apr 14, 18
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