IGN: VeridisQuo
Issue: Pistons banned in resource
What are you requesting to be done?: Allowing the use of pistons in resource.
I have been busy for quite some time now building a new base in resource, but I recently came to the discovery that pistons are banned. Considering that resource is meant for the building of bases, it seems kind of weird to me to ban an item so essential for base building. It's also remarkable that people who already have pistons placed can use them without problem but anyone who builds a new base is unable to do so, creating a very unfair situation. I really hope pistons will be added, because otherwise all my hard work will have been for nothing and I unfortunately wouldn't really have much left to do on vindexcraft. I understand that banning them might reduce lag, but there are other ways to do this as well. It seems like a much better idea to me to take down homes4sale or something like that instead of preventing people from building farms to supply vindex with goods.